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30 Fun Bookstagram Reel Ideas

It’s official:

Instagram reels are here to stay. Originating from Book TikTok, these creative video clips of bookish content have swept Instagram since the platform introduced its comparable reel feature a few months back. Turns out, reels are a favorite of the Instagram algorithm, too. So creating bookish reels can be a great way to engage your followers, expand your reach, and gain even more followers.

So, you want to start making reels. But where to start? It can be overwhelming scrolling through your Instagram feed. There is a seemingly infinite amount of content out there, and it can be intimidating. So, here’s the secret: start! We had no idea what we were doing when we made our first reel, but we’re getting the hang of it and discovering what works and doesn’t. We are by no means pros, but we love to share our ideas with you all! We’ve thought up this list of 30 fun Bookstagram reel ideas. Feel free to gain inspiration from these prompts or straight up create a reel directly from any of them!

30 Creative Bookstagram Reel Ideas

  1. Share your monthly TBR.
  2. Show how you set up a cozy reading corner/environment.
  3. Book recommendations from your favorite genre.
  4. Your top five favorite books or authors.
  5. “The book was better” book-to-movie adaptations.
  6. Share a monthly wrap-up of the books you read.
  7. “Finish a book with me!”
  8. A bookshelf tour.
  9. A recent library book haul.
  10. The prettiest book covers on your shelves.
  11. Outfits inspired by book covers.
  12. Choose a new book from your shelf to start reading.
  13. A tour of the Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood/city.
  14. A visual love letter to your local library.
  15. Five reasons to buy used books instead of new books.
  16. Use popular/trending audio with a bookish twist.
  17. Your usual routine for getting ready to read.
  18. A bullet point book review.
  19. A timelapse of rearranging your bookshelf.
  20. Your favorite bookish memorabilia (i.e., bookmarks, book sleeves, posters, etc.).
  21. “Why you should read [insert book or series].”
  22. Recommend books by BIPOC authors.
  23. Cute contemporary romance novels.
  24. Highlight favorite book quotes.
  25. Show off your classic book collection. (We know there are a ton of Jane Austen lovers out there!)
  26. Your favorite memoirs.
  27. How you track your reading (via a bullet journal, Storygraph, etc).
  28. Books you’re afraid to read because of the Bookstagram hype.
  29. The scariest books you own.
  30. Books you predict will be a “5-star” rating for you.

Remember: have fun!

And there you have it, folks. This list is by no means comprehensive. People are always thinking of new creative ideas for reels and BookTok content, and we love to see it! Have fun with it, let your creative juices flow, and try your hardest not to compare yourself to others. Don’t take it too seriously if you mess up or look back on old content you may wish you had done differently. It’s all part of the process! Bookstagram should, first and foremost, be a fun space for people to share their love of reading and learn more about diverse books, authors, and genres. Happy reading and sharing! xx

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