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5 of the Best Bookstagram Accounts to Follow

The world of bookstagram can be an overwhelming place, but here are five of the best bookstagram accounts to follow if you’re looking for excellent, diverse bookish content and solid recommendations. 

We have been bookstagram lurkers for some time now. Earlier this year, during the shelter-in-place orders, we started reading. A lot. We also decided to take the plunge and start our very own bookstagram account, @farflungreaders. We’re obviously still baby book influencers, but we love the community of book lovers we have been able to connect with. We’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite bookstagram accounts to follow right now. 

Natasha | @natashaniezgoda

If you are a fan of true crime, furry friends, and plants, then Natasha’s account is the one for you. She is hilarious and reads a lot of true crime, YA, rom coms, and mysteries. She also has a #murdermonday feature where she shares a current true crime or recent injustice that often has an action item that her followers can (should) participate in. Also, her house is absolutely gorgeous, and you might get some interior design envy. 

Oscar | @literaryhenny

Oscar’s account is so fun and full of levity, but he also pulls no punches when it comes to calling out publishing bullshit and white fragility on bookstagram. His stories are so entertaining and insightful, and he sometimes dances with his books. His book reviews are to be trusted, and he often shares his opinions on books as he’s reading them. He reads widely, and because of that, we’ve added so many new books to our TBRs. 

Gabi | @gabisreads

Gabi is such a sweet person, and we feel so lucky to have connected with her on bookstagram! She has excellent taste in books. When you take a peek at her feed, you will see that she reads a lot of contemporary, YA, YA fantasy, and the occasional romance. Her reviews are always honest and insightful. She’s also a huge Hamilton fan, so her stories are fun to watch if you are a fan as well. 

Hunter | @shelfbyshelf

Hunter shares the best updates on what they are currently reading! They read a lot of contemporary fiction and share hilarious commentary on books, life, and Dawson’s Creek. We definitely consider Hunter to be one of the top *bookish influencers* since we are both fans of new literary fiction releases. The aesthetic of their feed is also very cozy and aesthetically pleasing.

Paris | @parisperusing

Not only is Paris’ feed full of beautifully composed photographs, it is also filled with an amazing array of books. He reads a lot of literary fiction and doesn’t read a lot of authors who are white men. Because of that, we’re drawn to his book recommendations. He posts beautiful reviews of new releases that make us want to start reading them immediately. If you’re looking for more bookish content, check out Paperback Paris, a book community blog full of bookish commentary that he founded in 2016.

Header photo by @plqml // felipe pelaquim on Unsplash. All Instagram photos belong to Instagram and the linked account holders.