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50 Fun and Engaging BookTok Content Ideas

Let’s face it. Content creation is hard.

Sure, it’s fun creating new content to connect with like-minded book lovers. But burnout is real. It can feel like a serious grind to simply think up new and engaging BookTok content ideas, much less film, edit, and post those videos.

Well, you’re not alone. We’re here to help!

Here are 50 BookTok content ideas that you can use whenever you’re in a rut. You can even use these ideas as a launching point for other creative TikTok ideas.

If you’re looking for even more ideas, you can check out our fun Bookstagram reel idea list.

So, get those creative juices flowing. Here are 50 fun BookTok content ideas you can try for your own account. Have fun!

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Book Reviews & Lists

  1. Feature your top 5 favorite books of all time.
  2. Review a recent read in 60 seconds.
  3. Compare book and movie adaptations and give an honest review.
  4. Highlight the pros and cons of a popular series.
  5. Share your thoughts on a controversial book.

Reading Recommendations

  1. Suggest books based on different moods (happy, sad, adventurous, etc.).
  2. Create themed book recommendation lists around seasons, genres, holidays, etc (ie summer reads, fantasy, classics).
  3. Recommend your favorite books by diverse authors.
  4. Pair books with specific snacks or beverages.
  5. Share books you’d recommend to your future and/or past self.

Bookshelf Tours

  1. Show off your TBR (to-be-read) pile.
  2. Highlight your favorite book covers.
  3. Film a timelapse of you organizing your bookshelf by color, genre, or theme.
  4. Showcase a particular genre or author collection you’re proud of.
  5. Feature books that have a special meaning or significance to you.

Reading Challenges

  1. Document your progress in a reading challenge (like a yearly reading goal).
  2. Try a reading prompt generator and discuss the book you pick.
  3. Chronicle your experience with a “readathon.” (24-hour, summer, or weekend readathons are fun).
  4. Complete a reading challenge in a month and do a rapid-fire list of the books you read.
  5. Create your own reading challenge and invite others to follow along.

Book Hauls

  1. Show off your latest book purchases.
  2. Feature your latest library book haul. (A way more sustainable option!)
  3. Feature books you receive as gifts or in subscription boxes. Unboxing videos are pretty popular.
  4. Create a themed book haul (birthday haul, holiday haul, etc.).
  5. Share books you bought solely for their covers.
  6. Discuss why you’re excited about your new book finds.

Book Tags and Games

  1. Participate in a popular book tag (explore other BookToker pages to see what tags they are using).
  2. Play “Two Truths and a Lie” with book-related facts.
  3. Create a rapid-fire book-related Q&A session.
  4. Guess the book by reading an excerpt out loud.
  5. Complete a “Blind Date with a Book” challenge and reveal the results. (Local libraries and bookstores often offer “Blind Date with a Book” options!)

Character-Related BookTok Content Ideas

  1. Discuss your favorite book villains and why you love to hate them (or love to love them).
  2. Share your literary crushes and why you adore them.
  3. Compare yourself to a character from a book. (It’s giving main character energy)
  4. Dress up as your favorite book character.
  5. Analyze the character development of a protagonist. (Warn viewers if you’re going to give spoilers!)

Interactive BookTok Content Ideas

  1. Host a poll for your followers to choose your next read.
  2. Ask your followers to guess the book’s plot from its cover.
  3. Request book recommendations from your audience.
  4. Host a “bookish would you rather” session.

Behind-the-Scenes BookTok Content Ideas

  1. Show your reading setup or favorite reading spot.
  2. Film your reading routine and habits.
  3. Share how you annotate or take notes while reading.
  4. Talk about your favorite bookmark collection.
  5. Document your book unboxing experience.
  6. Film a cozy night in spent reading, cooking, making tea, etc.

Bookish Crafts and DIY

  1. Create book-related crafts like bookmarks, book sleeves, or decorations.
  2. Design your own bookish merchandise. Be careful using words like “Etsy” and “link” in your captions because there are rumors that TikTok suppresses content that makes users leave the app.
  3. Share step-by-step instructions for making a literary-themed craft.
  4. Demonstrate how you organize and maintain your reading journal.
  5. Transform old books into creative decor pieces.

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Other Tips to Make Engaging BookTok Content Ideas Come to Life

Like it or not, the TikTok algorithm works very well. It connects your content to like-minded users and can boost your account by making a single video go viral if you’re lucky.

Although there’s no cut-and-dry way to “make it” on TikTok, there are generally some best practices and easy ways to work smarter, not harder.

Be Strategic

First off, be strategic about the sound bites you use in your videos. Pay attention to songs and sound bits that are trending. Don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon and create a video using these sounds. Usually, people who watch one video with a particular trending sound will be shown other videos that use it, increasing your chances at visibility.

You can get even more specific by paying attention to trending sounds within the BookTok community. Latch onto those trends and see what happens. Generally, you can get lucky if you make a video that is “emerging” or has a few thousand videos attached to it rather than hundreds of thousands.

Be Authentic

Authenticity matters on TikTok. This sounds cheesy, but it’s true. People can tell when you truly care about something and are making content from the heart.

If you’re just cranking out content for the sake of sticking to a strict schedule, the quality of your videos will undoubtedly go down. If you don’t feel inspired to make content, don’t be too hard on yourself. Simply give it time.

You can make content in bulk or create a schedule that works best for you so you feel less burned out.

Basically, make content that you care about. People will see your passion and love for books and connect with that.

Have Fun!

Another cheesy tip: have fun with it! The world is a dumpster fire, so content creation should contribute to your happiness, not detract from it.

Sure, many people start BookTok accounts to try and “make it big” and capitalize off influencer culture. While that’s a nice bonus if it happens, that can take quite some time.

A lot of hard work, time, and emotional energy goes into growing any social media account. Make sure your BookTok account is something you have fun doing. Have fun first, and the money will come later with hard work and passion.


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