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Far Flung Readers

We are S + L, two far flung readers separated by distanced but connected by a love of books. L lives in California and S lives in Tennessee. Books have always been a way for us to stay close, learn together, and explore different points of view. We hope you enjoy our bookish endeavors as much as we do!

Far Flung Readers

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We love to work with publishers and book-related brands. Please get in touch with us at farflungreaderss@gmail.com with any opportunities or ideas.

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Bookshop.org is an online marketplace that supports independent, local bookstores. They are a fairly new competitor to larger companies that currently dominate the book market. They are unique because they give away about 75% of their profit margin to stores, authors, and other book-adjacent entities. We love Bookshop.org because their business model is designed to support local, independent stores instead of trying to put them out of business.

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