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Blog Tour: The Fallen in Soura Heights by Amanda Jaeger

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This is Far Flung Readers’ tour stop for The Fallen in Soura Heights by Amanda Jaeger. This blog tour was organized by Caffeine Book Tours. Special thanks to them and the author for the gifted copy of this book, and for letting us be tour participants! You can check out another Caffeine Book Tours feature here.

The Fallen in Soura Heights

The Book

Author: Amanda Jaeger
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: March 15, 2021
Age group: Adult
Genre: Thriller

The Synopsis

Fey Anderson has dreamt about Soura Heights and how picture-perfect it appears to be. What she never expected was for her husband’s body to be found in the forest. Determined to find out the truth behind his death, she moves there and finds herself weaving into the fabric of the small town.

But things aren’t always as they seem. As she learns more about Bruce’s “accident,” she unravels secrets about the town and its people she wishes she never learned. It’s all about survival in Soura Heights. Will Fey uncover what happened and bring justice for her husband, or will she be the next to fall?

The Review

I love a good thriller mystery, and The Fallen in Soura Heights delivered a suspenseful good time. We follow Fey as she tries her best to move on after her husband Bruce’s death while living in the small town of Soura Heights. With the one-year anniversary of Bruce’s death looming in the near future, Fey begins to learn that not everyone is what they seem in Soura Heights.

So, first off- this book isn’t really creepy or scary, but Jaeger writes tension really well. While I did find Fey’s behavior inexplicable and hard to relate to at times, I overall really enjoyed the book. Jaeger does a great job of bouncing between the past and present, slowly revealing parts of Fey and Bruce’s relationship while cajoling the reader into turning the pages to find out what will happen next in present-day Soura Falls. While I found the plot a bit predictable and the foreshadowing a bit heavy-handed, this is a fun, quick read for thriller enthusiasts and mystery lovers alike.

Check out The Fallen in Soura Heights if you like thrillers and want to get into independently published books! This book is under 200 pages, so it’s a perfect weekend read. Get your own copy via Bookshop or check the book out on Goodreads!

The Author

Amanda Jaeger

Amanda Jaeger has always had an interest in true crime, suspense, and mystery. As a long form copywriter, she has always had a hand in writing creatively for businesses to boost their income.

She’s the wife of her college sweetheart, and the mother of two spit-fire girls, but she’s also been a sign language interpreter, transcriptionist, and a book slinger. Working with words isn’t her job, it’s her career.

Now, she uses her knowledge and experience in engaging an audience and applies it into her author career, crafting suspense and mystery to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Residing in Virginia, you can bet on Amanda listening to true crime podcasts, watching cold case documentaries, and playing with her kids. (Not simultaneously.)

Connect with Amanda on her website & Instagram!

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